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Search Tips

Federal Government Listings -

When looking for numbers to federal agencies, enter US as the first word and the agency name as the second word.
For example, enter US Transportation.

State Agency Listings -

To search for a state agency, enter the two-letter postal abbreviation code as the first word and the agency name as the second word. Example: FL Compensation. [ List of State Abbreviations ]

"Dot Com" Listings -

Search for the listing omitting spaces. Use the period (.) for DOT. For example, enter or

Acronyms -

To search for listings as acronyms try adding or deleting spacing or try the complete name. You can search for ABC Corporation by entering A B C (notice the space) as well as ABC. The IRS may be searched as Internal Revenue Service, IRS or I R S.

Synonyms -

To search for a company that may be known by a different name you may need to search each name separately to find all listings. You should search both American Express and Amex for all possible listings.

Personal Names -

To search for a listing with a personal name, search last name first. If no listing appears, reverse the names and make another search, i.e. Smith Mary or Mary Smith.


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